In this episode, Sean and Aaron talk about WoW lore speculation that has been floating around about Legion. What will the server event be? Who will die? Will it be as cool as the Pre-Wrath event?

Also, some more discussion on classes, professions and what could change next xpac.


Here is the special episode we promised last week. In this Episode, Sean and Aaron are joined by some friends, Steve and Andy, to discuss Dungeons and Dragons and many other tabletop games.

Also, background ambiance provided this week by a Japanese festival that was going on outside of Aaron’s apartment.



In this episode Sean and Aaron talk about mobile game design, popularity and pricing schemes. Why does the Puzzle and Dragons price model seem to be so popular, while companies like EA and Square put out mobile games that receive fan backlash and hate? Also, a little bit about mobile and console gaming in Japan and the US.